幸运快3Bring Glenbow to your classroom! Museokits are miniature museums that travel to your classroom and are designed specifically to support a broad range of curriculum-related subjects and grade levels。 Museokits include objects for display and study and educator notes with student-centered activities and support materials。

How to Book Museokits

As booking dates for Museokits are pre-determined, please call in advance for the schedule. A credit card number and expiry date is required to book a kit. The Museokit confirmation will be sent to the borrower upon booking; please read it carefully and return a signed copy to the museum. Payment is due at the time of booking (credit card) or pick up (cheque幸运快3). The credit card will be charged if no alternate payment is provided. The borrower is responsible for the safety of the kit and its contents while it is outside Glenbow Museum, transportation of the kit to and from Glenbow’s loading dock and any costs relating to damage or replacement of items in the kit.

Each kit is loaned for two weeks
$200/kit + GST
Email: or call 403-268-4110
幸运快3 Hours: Monday to Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Changes to Museokit bookings require 3 week's notice confirmed in writing by Glenbow bookings staff, otherwise the borrower will be charged for the booking.

Indigenous Studies

Living Traditions
Celebrate the life and traditions of Blackfoot people. Learn how Blackfoot families passed down their traditions from elders to children; how they met their basic needs in the past and discover how some Blackfoot traditions have changed over time while others have remained the same.
Grades 1-3

Inuit: The Living People
Discover the history of the Inuit people and their relationship to "the land of the midnight sun" by examining artifacts, photographs and artworks. Compare traditional and contemporary Inuit life and learn how geography, resources and culture have shaped this Canadian community.
Grades 2 and up

Origins of the Blackfoot
Travel back in time to explore the origin of the Blackfoot people. Journey to the days before the acquisition of the horse and find out how horses changed their lives, the importance of the buffalo and the traditional living practices of the Blackfoot.
Grades 4-5

Changing Lifestyles of the Blackfoot
A changing world often results in a changing lifestyle for groups coming in contact with each other. Examine the impact of the fur trade on the Blackfoot people, changes as a result of the signing of Treaty 7 and how teaching of the past influences Blackfoot life today. Discover how the Blackfoot people have adapted, changed and co-existed with others.
Grades 6 and up

Immigration and Settlement

Stir interest in old and unusual, yet essential kitchen appliances, such as a food chopper. Pour through historical photographs and find an old-fashioned recipe to make butter in your classroom.
Grades 1 and up

One Room School House
Study up on reading, writing and arithmetic lessons from the past. See how school days have changed by examining the school bell, slate, lunch box, inkwell, strap, report card, school books and photographs. Your students can even write their lessons with a straight pen and nib - just like their great grandparents!
Grades 1 and up

Experience the lives of newcomers to Canada through photographs and artifacts. Travel back to a pioneer home on the rugged range of Canada's western frontier.
Grades 4 and up

The Railway: Ties West
Inspect railway artifacts and discover their use and origins. See how the West was changed by the building of the railway, one of the ties that binds our great country.
Grades 4 and up

History and Culture

European Knights
Hark back to the age of yore when the code of chivalry was a way of life. Students will examine reproductions of classic armour, role play and learn through games and stories. Reference books and a video are included.
Great for all grades

The Famous Five
Canada, Alberta in particular, led the fight for women's rights in the early twentieth century. Photographs, documents and artifacts tell this exciting story. Bring the Famous Five and their contemporaries to life in your classroom. Enter into the intense and lively debate that led to the acceptance of women as "persons" in 1929.
Grades 4 and up

The Fur Trade
Trace the development of Canada's first industry, the fur trade, and the fascinating roles played by First Peoples and Europeans. Printed materials, artifacts and photographs are also included.
Grades 4 and up

The Métis People
Discover the life and culture of this uniquely Canadian people. Through artifacts, photographs and the stories of the Métis people told in their own words, you will understand their place in the history and heritage of Canada. The kit will enable students to explore this vibrant and adaptable culture as it exists today.
Grades 4 and up

North-West Mounted Police
Don the scarlet tunic of a Mountie and march west in the year 1875. Photographs, diaries, letters and artifacts - including a replicated tunic, pith helmet and pillbox hat - will help you relive the epic lives of the North-West Mounted Police, a story that has been woven into the fabric of Canadian history and legend.
Grades 4 and up

Science, Minerals and Metals

Minerals, Metals and Meteorites
Dig into the bountiful world of rocks and minerals with a meteorite, geode, lodestone, ammonite and many other geological treasures. Topics include: Minerals in History, Common Uses of Rocks and Minerals and Gems and Other Special Rocks.
Grades 3 and up

Mysterious Minerals and Beautiful Birthstones
A bounty of birthstones, a kaleidoscope of quartz and a mystery mineral game are highlights of this rock and mineral kit. Also included are some jazzy geodes, amazing ammonite and a dazzling display of metals, minerals and crystals.
Grades 3 and up

Alberta's Natural Resources
Alberta is a land of great natural wealth. Explore the stories of people who have farmed the land, mined for coal and drilled for oil to help understand how vital Alberta's resources are. Photographs, documents and opportunities to examine samples will enrich the experience. This kit also examines issues of competing land use and conservation.
Grades 4 and up


Aboriginal Art: Traditional and Contemporary
Using artwork from Glenbow's extensive collection, discover the stories and legends illustrated in Aboriginal and Inuit art. Compare traditional art and design to the contemporary practices still used by artists today.
Grades 1 and up

Explore the medium of printmaking. This kit includes original prints from Canadian artists as well as the materials necessary to create your own prints in the classroom.
Grades 2 and up

Contemporary Art
Contemporary art is a reflection of the society in which it was created. This kit explores questions such as: How do contemporary artists reflect Canadian society? What does the art say about who we are? How can we share our ideas in our own works of art?
Grades 7 and up

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